1. KittyninjaW

    A mixed bag of news

    Hello everyone, Well first off I have good news! I finally got through this semester And my bro has finally started to become better due to some med changes and a new Physiological evaluation, Albeit still annoying and is going to the military in 2018! Also my dad has started to contact my...
  2. D

    Xmas Gifts

    What was your fave gift received from past Christmases? (Christmasi?) Mine would be my PS2 or my BMX. Both were lovely xD
  3. A

    Diapered on Christmas Eve for the first time.

    Hey every I am going to sleep in a diaper on Christmas Eve for the first time ever, to make this event even cooler or whatever, I'd like you guys/girls to suggest what I should write on the front and back of my diaper aswell I would like it to be girlish if you guys don't mind thanks everyone...
  4. askmelater47

    Wish Lists!!! I dont really know what i want for xmas, do you?

    Christmas list anyone, or any ideas? My BF asked me the other day to help him out and i ask with what and he say what do you want for xmas, i said ill have to make a list and get back to him on it in a couple days. so a couple days have past and all I have is a list of My Little...
  5. ScoobyDooKiddo

    Help with Crafty Ideas making a Xmas present for a girlfriend

    Dear ADISC I need your help!!! Trying to do something outside the normal. I'm trying to create, build, craft a present to my girlfriend for chirstmas. I understand the whole buying craze that everyone is into dont get me wrong. Honestly I would like to give something to her that came from the...