xbox 360

  1. B

    Anybody here still play 360?

    I still have a 360 and would love to start playing with some Abs Dls Tbs anything, Gamertag is: Poisonserpent82, add me
  2. P

    Hello people :)

    What's guys and girl? I'm new to this site just hit me up if you want to chat, text, kik, or Xbox live it! Lol
  3. JoeMiller

    What are your top 5 favourite video games

    Just curious to know what you lovely bunch see as your favourite games I'll start with myself obviously :) (series can count as one if you like) 1. Knights of the old republic 2. Mass Effect 3. Fallout 3 4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 5. Battlefield Bad Bad Company 2
  4. MondoX44

    Need Members for Rock Band 3

    My gamertag is the same as my username, and I am an expert drummer (I've ranked #1 on the leaderboard for a few songs). I'm looking for band members who also play expert on their preferred instrument to play in my band or who have bands that I can play in.
  5. ShadowCloneKid

    Hi there everyone! ^_^

    Hi, my name is Nygel and I'm a TB/DL and recently found babyfur. I've been intrested in diapers since I was 12 and my discovery of my interest is actually really boring:( I am a gamer. I play a lot of Xbox 360, mostly Halo 3 (cuz thats all I have XP). I like to read and I am a Techie, meaning...
  6. Eulogy

    Mass Effect

    Hey, got a really cool game recently called Mass Effect, anyone else played this before?(Surely someone has, came out in 2007) First off, before anyone asks what the multiplayer is like, there is none(Just a really really really long and captivating) single player It's a Third-Person...
  7. S

    RROD Red Ring Of Death questions/need opinions?

    Ok so xbox 360 got the one red ring of death today now with a E 74 error code , basicly from the research I have done its probably the video scaler chip or the GPU. So to get it fixed I have to pay a hundred dollars send it to [email protected] and wait a month or so OR I can take my chances on this...
  8. Verscha

    Help me decide: 360 or PS3?

    Okay, I've been thinking about getting a console for a while, but I'm not quite sure which one to get. I've been trying to weigh up the plusses and minuses of both consoles, but it's still a tough call, not least because I fell out of the loop as far as keeping track of releases is concerned...
  9. betagame

    More of the Halo trilogy???|talk of the movie/new games/even Books???

    I know Halo Wars is coming out. The movie in 2009. isnt that it. Or are there gonna be Prequel(s). Halo Chronicles??? please post your comments and links HERE.