1. tykeboy123

    Obscure/hidden [email protected] gamepass

    I just signed up for gamepass once again because I couldn’t resist the 9.99 for 3 months deal they just had a lot of the bigger titles Iv already played through but was wondering if anyone could throw out some less recognized / obscure/ hidden gem type games that are on gamepass ?
  2. B

    Anybody here still play 360?

    I still have a 360 and would love to start playing with some Abs Dls Tbs anything, Gamertag is: Poisonserpent82, add me
  3. Jeepy

    Just Cause 3

    Picked it up the other day at GameStop and I have to say it's fun. A few things like the vehicle control bug me but I like it. What are your impressions of it so far?
  4. Sitherus

    played dying light?

    has anyone played the new game, Dying light? Apparently it was only available to those who pre-ordered it because it was under produced. I pre-ordered it and have played about 1/3 of the way through. I was forced to buy it by a friend. I didn't think i would like the game "just another zombie...
  5. Coney

    Xbox 360 isn't working, help?!

    Okay so it was working just fine before I brought it to my friends. When I turn the Xbox on, the light goes green like it should, but it wont connect to the TV nor will it let me connect my controller, but the xbox power box also has a green light. Am i screwed? Has anyone had this happen before?
  6. Llayden

    World of Tanks 360 Edition

    Does anyone here enjoy playing World of Tanks? I have wanted to play it for quite some time but could not because I use a Mac Laptop these days. I found for free on 360 and have been playing for a little bit now. I will say that there is a learning curve, but it is enjoyable. I would love...
  7. S

    New Babyfurr Gamer here!

    Hey there! I'm exploring the baby fur side of abdl, I'm a gamer and have Xbox one! Add me! :D Sir Wo1fie! Though if you have a 360, sadly I cant play wiff you! Also, with that being said, I am a new babyfur, so if anyone is willing to help explore this side of me, I welcome it with open paws...
  8. SlowBro

    Getting a 360! :D

    Well, tomorrow I will be getting an xbox 360 and I just wanted to know what games I should get for it? :33
  9. pampersonly

    Xbox 360 or PS3

    what should i get the Xbox or PS3 im buying a new game station this year ive still been playin sonic and doom on my sega dreamcast so what should i get ill let you decide
  10. Lil Snap

    Are you one of the million?

    As a PS3 owner, I found it interesting that Microsoft has ban/kicked a million users off Xbox Live (as reported on I'm not sure if it's for playing copied discs or for modding/ hacking the hardware inside the Xbox. What's the real deal here? Are there that many people stealing games...
  11. Wegs

    Can't Connect to Xbox Live

    I've been having this problem for a while, and I need some help. I'm unable to connect to Xbox Live. I have a wireless PC with a fast internet connection, which is connected to my Xbox 360 through an ethernet cable. The connection is password protected, which I think is the problem, but I'm not...
  12. Lowie

    Games you own!

    Alright people, what games do you own? *bored, can be removed if needed* PC Monster Truck Madness 2 4x4 Evolution 4x4 Evolution 2 1nsane Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto 3 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Roller coaster Tycoon 2 The Sims PS2 Corvette Evolution GT DT Racer Driv3r Flatout Grand...
  13. Eulogy

    Mass Effect

    Hey, got a really cool game recently called Mass Effect, anyone else played this before?(Surely someone has, came out in 2007) First off, before anyone asks what the multiplayer is like, there is none(Just a really really really long and captivating) single player It's a Third-Person...