wrong size

  1. Drynites96

    Wrong diaper size

    I went to a Drug Store yesterday to try some new diapers. Those are cloth-backed Slips in size M-L for Waist sizes between 95 and 140 cm. I've tried them last night and they're waaaayyyyyy too big for me. (I'm a very short and pretty thin guy: around 70-75kg ,or 154-165 lbs at 1,67m or 5ft 6in...
  2. Blacksmith

    Great find today

    today I went to a thrift store and about 6 packs of 10 Tranquilty slimline diapers for $2.00 Can. unfortunaly they were size youth 18-26" waist and I have a waist size 38-40" so I left them there,:( if they fit I would of bought them all:)
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    tena slip, wrong size?

    Ok, so, I've tried the medium before, and it fitted me perfectly. I bought big size for a while, and today, I bought another pack of mediu size ones. on the package, it says from 28 to 44, but it wasn't true. I am a 36 waist, and they fitted barely D: I ccan help but wonder if something went...