1. H

    "Hello" from Chicago

    Greetings, everyone! I could write you a long introduction that tells the story of when I first wore, and that I hid them for years and was petrified some snoop would out me. That I've wasted too much money buying and throwing away and feeling ashamed. But we all know this, and I'd rather tell...
  2. DragonFire04534

    Getting Rid of Lurker

    Hello everyone! My name is DragonFire. I'm posting, because I was labeled a lurker. I'm sorry, but there are other stuff to do in my life. I'm going to put my stories online (here?), but they do not go with the theme of AB/DL/Furry/etc. So yeah!
  3. B

    Hey there

    Greeting citizens! My name is BritishABwritier, but you can call me Eddie. I live in England, and as you can guess by my username, I am something of a writer. But anyway to business: I must say I've been curious to the AB lifestyle for a few years now, knowing vaguely what it is but never...