1. T

    The World

    Hey everyone! first off awesome community here, im new but love it so far. My question to the forum is do you all think that slowly ab/dl is becoming more common or accepted in the world? I am an optimist but I do believe it very slowly is. What are your thoughts or things you have seen that...
  2. Llayden

    World of Tanks 360 Edition

    Does anyone here enjoy playing World of Tanks? I have wanted to play it for quite some time but could not because I use a Mac Laptop these days. I found for free on 360 and have been playing for a little bit now. I will say that there is a learning curve, but it is enjoyable. I would love...
  3. D

    World Military Strength Ranking

    Check out the stats I found on this website World Military Strength Ranking 1. U.S.A. 2. China 3. Russia 4. India 5. U.K. "The United States remains the undisputed leader of this list thanks to their staying "active" in global hotspots, showcasing the world's largest navy and continuing to...
  4. Donnie

    Starcraft II/ World of Warcraft Real IDs

    so, my real ID is [email protected], just add a lil note if you add me. Im on more than I probably should be, and I'm also getting starcraft II. I love in game friends!