1. Cthulhu

    Cosidering wearing to a temporary workplace

    I'm employed by a company that ''lends'' me out to other companies, so i don't work at the same place year after year (i hope you understand what i'm trying to describe). I'm working at a new place this week (starting tomorrow), before going back to where i've been working for almost a year now...
  2. suede

    a good source for "work shirt" onesie?

    Hi everyone. I was searching for a good basic black t shirt onesie. Something i can wear to work and it just looks like im in a black t shirt thats tucked in. My big thing is that id really prefer a shirt with the pocket over the left breast, so i can carry my cigs and lighter. Im sure a lot...
  3. Altric

    Napping at Work?

    Why Power Naps at Work Are Catching On - US News and World Report The article goes on to further say that some companies are even setting up designated "nap rooms," tents or lofted beds for their employees to catch a quick snooze. It also mentions that some companies are already using this to...