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  1. Sitherus

    Purchasing diapers for discount from work

    I work at biglots and recently i noticed that they are selling attends. Now, i want these and i have a 30%discount on all in store items, but i don't want to just walk in there and buy them from the people who i work with the people who think they know me well. I would get shy. So i want to...
  2. D

    Would you hire someone if you knew they were a DL

    I wanted to know if you were a employer and you were hiring and you knew two people both had equal qualities but one was a Diaper lover and the other your average joe. Who would you hire and why? Also little of topic anyone living in WV? lol
  3. Incontinent17

    Wearing to work

    I'm guessing this is really for people in employment but may also be relevant to people still in education. I wear diapers almost 24/7 now - this means wearing to work. Having to wear a very formal business suit and not really having enough money to buy new baggier trousers I sometimes feel...