1. S

    Woolworths Store Brand Nappies? (Australian supermarket chain)

    So, my local supermarket only has, for adults, Tena Men Level 4 (not the best I've been told) and depends real fit for men (also apparentley not the best). They sell their own store brand called "Confidence for women" (I'm male btw). Does anyone know if these store brand ones are good? I can't...
  2. daveindahood

    Aussie DL's - Coles brand??

    Ha ha, another Aussie post, rprznt! I was down at Glenferrie Woolworths the other day, and while standing in line with some friends I glanced at the nearby nappy aisle. To my surprise, right next to the usual Drynites were a sparsely packaged Woolworths brand (or so I believe...I glanced...