1. Goodnitesmoon4

    ABDL women?

    ABDL women in the Seattle area?
  2. R

    Short Intro.

    My name is Michael, but I go by fulldiaper Michael or currently bigbABygentleman. I have been writing stories about AB's and Dominant Women since I learned how to type. I currently reside in South Dakota and I'm looking for friends and female friends, Domme women, female nurses and intelligent...
  3. MsClara

    How to choose a friend to come out to / why do so many people choose a female?

    (I think this would be the right forum, because people have talked about coming out here...) Title basically explains the thread (seems to be better if you do that rather than expecting people to actually read the post :smile1: ) I have told my two closest friends about being ABDL. I picked...
  4. Piplup

    Women wearing in public

    So I feel like it's harder for women to wear in public compared to men. Like the cut of our shirts and pants make it harder to hide diapers. I don't know about the other ladies on this site, but I usually wear low rise jeans, and they're loose enough to fit a diaper underneath, but tight enough...