1. Sitherus


    does any one here like to take apart stuff and use it for other things... well i do i love to use what ever technology i can get my hands on then once tired of it i would make it into something else. for instance this summer i went to a yard sale and bought an old r2d2 toy and a broken RC car, i...
  2. betagame

    Try to convive/motivate me to buy the Hawkings HWDN1 Wireless Networking Dish

    I want this wifi dish to take on trips and use in hotels that only have 1 transmitter. But It Still Has Not Happened. I wanted to buy this 10 months and 3 trips ago. Tell me your experiences and ways this model (Or similar models from same company) have saved you/hooked you up with wireless...
  3. tom

    Using a wireless internet service

    Hi. I'm going away soon for a holiday, and hope to use the hotels wireless internet connection to keep checking on here. Will the hotel/other users of the connection be able to find out that I have been on this site? Thanks
  4. Manigeitora

    Good Wireless Router?

    Hey all you nerds out there. my parents/family need to get a new wireless router. I know it. They know it. But they want a really good one this time (current one is a netgear something or another) since our first two were horrible. But at the same time, they don;t want anything outrageously...