1. Kyma

    Rubber gloves

    I went to change a wet diaper in a convince store today. For some odd reason I decided to put on rubber gloves. Losing the ability of touch when wiping with adult wipes was extremely erotic. I had the thought going thru my head that a care giver was changing my extremely wet diaper...
  2. T

    What baby wipes do you use?

    Hi, I'm new to this so I apoloogise if this is irrelevant etc. But I'm just curious about what baby wipes other dl's use. I use Johnsons' Baby Wipes (UK). What do you use?
  3. T


    Hi I'm TheAnonTDL, I'm a diaper lover and baby wipes lover. I've just always had a fascination for diapers and wipes and just can't explain why lol! Just wanted to get a little insight into this community :) Thanks :)
  4. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Being AB ain't cheap.

    I don't have any AB stuff yet, & I haven't worn in over a year, because I don't wanna sin to get them. Last time I wore, I took them. I'm absolutely sure my mom & stepdad know.:eek!: Mom thinks I'm cuckoo bananas,:heiscrazy: & wasn't shy about telling my sister she thought so. My stepdad...
  5. S

    does anyone else have a baby wipe fetish?

    Hi guys, new User here. Was wondering if anyone gets..err...excited when using baby wipes. Personally I do (especially when I use pampers or huggies, not lame store brand.) Just wondering if anyone else has problem, why I have it, and what I can do to satisfy my ummm.. needs. Thanks, sweller55
  6. PamperedBottom

    Baby wipes

    From your experience, which baby wipes have the most "babyish" scent to them? I'm a hugeeee fan of the scent that Pampers and Luvs get off and overall I'm just a diaper scent enthusiast but I've never tried any brand of wipes. What would you recommend? Also, If there are any other scents you...
  7. Sitherus

    diaper machine places

    so i went to the mall today a found a diaper vending machine with diapers from like 10 years ago :) i was surprised to see a vending machine that sells diapers at all especially in the food court, you could buy them for $1.50 i went to get some vintage pampers but they were sold out of them then...
  8. dlguy4life

    Baby Wipes

    Who sells the best baby Wipes?
  9. C

    Hewo All!

    Hewo I'm Alex, I live in Huntingdon, England but I'm American. I am a teen baby and want to make friends with other teen babies. Thank you XXXX hugs :biggrin:
  10. ArtikSnow

    How to make baby wipes.

    Hey all id like to share this with you all and i hope this helps. ^^ Baby wipes can be expensive if you got to keep going out and buying them am i right? Some just turn to using wash cloths or even the shower trick. But you can make your own baby wipes. What you will need to make them. 1: A...
  11. S

    Best Wipes?

    I don't know if this has been discussed already or not, but for those of you who use wipes, what do you consider to be the best store-bought wipes? Also, if you can give reviews (or experience) with wipes that would be great.