1. jiffypop

    Moving from Windows->OSX based computers at church

    If you want to skip all the back story you can just read the last paragraph First and foremost I've always been a Windows person this is largely because of my distaste with Apple's strongarm marketing tactics and draconian control of all aspects of hardware/software that go on their machines as...
  2. Emileigh

    Another computer problem >.< (windows vista)

    Well, I went to get on my desktop computer this morning, and when I logged onto my name, it said windows needed to be activated. Ok, so I tried the product key, which said it was in use. I was told that the software can be used on up to 5 computers, and so my boyfriend used it on his and his...
  3. R

    64Bit or 32Bit

    Since 64 Bit Processors were made available to everyone since about 2005 where XP pro 64 Bit was made and considered really crap due to poor hardware support and not many 32 bit applications working well on it. But that was 2005! 3 years on, we have made improvements, no? So I was wondering if...
  4. baby_mike

    Mac OS X on a windows computer

    Well what I have found is not an OS, it is a theme for windows that transform it to look like its running mac OS X. If you want to try it here what you need to do. 1. Go to this site and download the app. It dose not cost. 2. After downloading Tiger V. copy theTigerV folders and TigerV...