1. H

    An AB/DL Wiki

    Well, since summer is almost over and I'm trying to keep myself from starting another minecraft project before college starts, I decided to work on an AB/DL Wiki. I went to wikia to start one and it turns out that someone else had already made the wiki, but had made absolutely no contributions...
  2. hailstorm

    ABDL wiki?

    Hi Does anyone know of a good abdl wiki? I'd like to contribute some information. I know we used to have a wiki here but really not a fan of the whole articles system. Thanks
  3. betagame

    Ordering Online suggetions for new sections and sequencing

    Sections: Payment methods, Dangers, Discreet shipping, and tips for getting them to your room. In that order. Any other suggestions for sections for Ordering Online. Also, what sequence can the sections go. I need your input.
  4. betagame

    Possible sticky for Diaper Talk

    Diaper Reviews: because I see people make diaper reviews, but they never make it into the wiki. So I think it would be a great place for people to post diaper reviews, and include a complete detailed how to on writing one, so we can start seeing people contribute more to the wiki.
  5. betagame

    Rep/reporting in the wiki?

    I wonder if this will be implemented, because people have excellent wiki articles and no rep is given to them, I think i deserve rep for my Ordering Online article. Also I would like reporting for vandalism and other serious issues. I think it would be as great idea.
  6. DannyTheNinja

    Planned changes for the wiki

    As you might have noticed I've been asked to be the lead editor for the wiki. So I've got a few ideas and am looking for some people to volunteer as editors. First of all I want to get some help with organizing the wiki. We need to work at categorizing articles because that allows us to use a...
  7. Jeremiah

    Wiki edit count error.

    I am curious if anyone else has noticed a problem with the wiki edits counter on their statistics page. I have edited the wiki in the past, and did some edits a few hour ago. However, my wiki edit count remains zero.
  8. betagame

    fixing the wiki article discussion | cant post in there/no replys/posting

    Its a DISCUSSION thread... not a "check out my wiki article" thread almost nobody can post in there, and i cant get feedback about my wiki articles. i cant even post in there :frown::frown: Edit: i bet theres about 7 people that can post in that thread[people can makes threads, NO REPLYS