what to wear

  1. nappiebutt1993

    First time buyer, Need advice on choosing whats right for me.

    hey guys. i have been into nappies since i was 8 years old but had a long gap inbetween wearing them and now the urge has got to me. i loved wearing them. So im looking for a specific look of diaper... not to big nor to small, same with thickness. Nice and tidy. [Removed] Not too hard to...
  2. leicesterfan

    Going for the big step forward

    I need to go to town on the bus tomorrow to collect my train ticket and I am considering wearing an adult diaper. I am really looking forward to it and will possibly decide to wet in public. I have worn diapers in public before but they were only drynites, this time I want to go all out. I have...