what if?

  1. Angellothefox

    How would you feel if we had a ABDL bar?

    If it was possable how would you feel if we had our own bar for both Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers and the ABDL fandom? Of course, we will have to follow by the rules of law on whatever silly little thing that it has like the rediculas sexual act for the lavortory Sexual Offences Act 2003...
  2. T

    What Do Would You Tell Your Kids?

    Let me just start off by saying how therapeutic this group has been. I no longer have a Facebook or any social media accounts because I just got so tired of people trying to live and show their "highlight reel" of i life that is very different from what they are currently experiencing. I feel...
  3. P

    What if Britain won in the Revolutionary War?

    Here's a topic that came up in class today...What do you think America (or the world) would be like, if we (America) never won against Britain in the Revolutionary War? It doesn't matter how it happened, you can speculate on how you think it would happen, but the main question to answer is how...