wetting without knowing

  1. Pokogirl

    This may make you wet while asleep

    A lot of us including me want to experience the joy of going while asleep & waking up in a wet diaper. But this isn't easy as it sounds. I have broken the boundaries & now am able to wet while lying, in bed, in every position. I drink lots of water before going to bed but still don't wet it...
  2. Pokogirl

    My 2nd Bedwetting Attempt

    My first bedwetting attempt with a diaper was not great. The bad smell of pee haunted me for weeks and led me towards taking a long break from diapers. You can read it here --> http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/99051-A-Bittersweet-Bedwetting-Experience I cannot deny I enjoyed...
  3. T

    i need them and i want them

    So recently i have been hospitalized for ulcerative colitis and they have been giving me steroids and fluids to get me back to health. The thing is that because the steroids are causing water retention and they are pumping me with fluids i have to pee every 1-2 hours (day and night). The doctors...
  4. factsoflife

    Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

    Sorry, I wasn't quite sure where to post this one. I suppose I will run with it here haha. So, I've had my fair share of "potty problems." Mainly only at night and a few daytime when I purposely held it too long (yeah I'm into that too hah). To lay some background, I am an ab/dl, mainly dl and...
  5. B

    Best Place To Consciously Wet?

    I just went for a drive and i was desperate for a wee so i just went in my nappy =D. It felt great, especially driving all warm and padded. This made me wonder what your favourite place to knowingly wet yourself is? And why? Driving? Walking? Running, Sitting? In Bed? And I don't mean like...