wetting positions

  1. Pokogirl

    My 2nd Bedwetting Attempt

    My first bedwetting attempt with a diaper was not great. The bad smell of pee haunted me for weeks and led me towards taking a long break from diapers. You can read it here --> http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/99051-A-Bittersweet-Bedwetting-Experience I cannot deny I enjoyed...
  2. L

    positons during wetting

    what is the best way to be when wetting a diaper. stand sitting laying down ect
  3. MrSun

    First time wetting in terms of pratically

    I was wondering about all the experience everyone had of first time wetting in diapers. It's easy to talk about you enjoyed it but this is about different variables. I want to use this knowledge in a useful way for when I try. Right now my current plan is to buy good nights, and wet then in...
  4. B

    Getting the most out of your Diaper

    when you wet, at night or in the day, how do you get the most use out of your diaper? i mean like, do you wet standing up, sitting down, lying down, at night on your side, back or front? i dont really get much change to wear/use so when i do i would like to get the best feeling and the diapers...