wet pants

  1. BusterBunny

    Should I Be Worried?

    I'm gonna cut to the chase here, I've wet myself (Not on purpose, by accident) twice this week, I do have a really bad cold and both happened whilst I was washing my hands. In the past when I've had a bad cold (Specifically head cold) this has never happened, I've been completely in control of...
  2. A

    Potty Dance Myth

    I know it doesn't really have anything to do with diapers but tonight on mythbusters they put the potty dance to the test. Just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on it.
  3. F


    helli i ma fofrogdude22 and i love to ski and snowmobile and i may need to wear a diaper because i cant hold my bladder well while skiing:sweatdrop:
  4. L

    wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

    ok, i was talking to a friend who is a AB/DL he is my big bro, i asked him what would happen if my diaper would leak and my pants get wet at the mall, he told me he would go and change me and let my in just a cushies diaper and a shirt and walk around the mall in just that, but i dnt know if...