wet diapers

  1. ABDElsa

    Am I an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

    So, I'm kind of torn between whether I'm an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover. I love diapers like a diaper lover, but I pefer brands like ABU/Bambino/Rearz etc. Over Depend/Abena/Attends/Per-Fit etc. like an Adult Baby since these Diapers have fun Baby prints on them. I like them more because they...
  2. michaelmc

    physical age 85 mental age16 official age 51 UK Nappy lover

    I medicly incontinent and loving it,is that weird?i am also exploring my feminim side???I have tried many different incontinence products and am using net pants and pads the net pants are expensive and cheap quality but I have found pants that at £2 a pair (www.wish.com)are great and look good...
  3. H

    Renaissance man. Real sweet boy. A Tortured life. A New Hope.

    The title of this thread reads like the promo to a new film, wherein Westley becomes a Jedi. Were you to meet me.... it may play out like this: "Upon entering the cavernous hall, you are aware of approaching footsteps. A large human male enters from the opposite side of the room. His...
  4. PermababyTobias

    Overloading my diapers in the shower!!!

    i just filled my 3 diapers with my showerhead full of water. :sweatdrop:
  5. abcdefghij

    Need to wet?

    I am curious to know how many of you guys need to go potty right now or why you are holding it. I personally need to go pee really soon.
  6. B

    Nappies at work

    I am sitting at work in 2 tena slip maxi and my onesie under my work clothes. I am hoping that no one notices the bulge from the nappy or the shade of orange of my onesie... It is kind of a rush...:thumbsup:
  7. Babykk34

    Wet, Messy, or Both

    I was wondering if there was one which you prefer over another? Wet or messy? Or both? Personally I prefer being slighty wet (maybe twice) and then messing my diapers.
  8. D

    Daddy in Albany,NY

    Hi [removed] I use them for what they are 4 wet and or messy I also have to use them as Im incontinent (wet) [removed]
  9. S

    Hi from Sweden

    I am 55 year old married man who lives in middle part of sweden. I use diaper 24/7 now becuse I loves diaper. my wife know about it and she is happy if I am locked up with CB3000. I am 100% DL keep wet all diaperlovers
  10. TeddyBearCowboy

    Wet Diapers and Wintertime

    :laugh: OK, everyone, this is not intended to be a really serious-minded post. But a recent personal experience made me wonder if anyone else might have had a similar funny (but at the time maybe not-so-funny) experience of wintertime wearing of diapers. I recently found myself in a rather...
  11. R

    Wet diapers

    I've enjoyed diapers for years. I'd love to read a story about someone who finds wet diapers in a diaper pail or somewhere and actually puts them on. Maybe this could be a punishment for wetting the bed or something. To be made to wear someone else's wet diapers. They may have a brother or...