wet diaper

  1. Austen00

    Makeshift diapers

    Ok so last week I remade my old makeshift diapers I made when I was 12 that were 7 swiffer pads in the front well today I’m trying messing them by putting 2 pads in the back I’m not big on messing my diapers either I just always wanted to try it with a makeshift one
  2. SecretlyABDL94

    Is it Safe/Sanitary to Wear a Diaper, Take it Off, Put it Under my Mattress, and Put it Back on Next Time I'm Home Alone?

    Ok so here is my sitch, I'm a Diaper Lover who pefers ABU, Bambino Rearz, etc. Diapers over Depend, Abena, Attends, -Per-Fit etc. However, I am in college but still living at home so, obviously I can't be Diapered all the time, and I have to hide my Diapers from my family. The way I do it is I...
  3. R

    replacing or reusing a partially wet diaper

    When the diaper is about half used from wetting and I remove it to do a bowel movement, there is that decision to replace or put the wet diaper back on... I hate to "waste" the rest of the diaper, but putting back on a wet diaper always feels weird - a whole mix of different feelings. Same...
  4. Pika123

    Rich in Diapers

    This is just a starter for a story I might continue. What do you think? ———————————————————————————————————————— Chapter 1 I woke to a cold and wet feeling around my crotch. I had wet before bed, I thought that they would have changed me in the night. They must’ve forgotten. The grand master...
  5. michaelmc

    Bad diaper day

    I went to the post office in town and stood in a que for 45mins needless to say i used my diaper, then went to toilet only to realise i left my change at home.By the time i got into my car i was well soaked and as i sat down i felt the pee rise in my diaper and sufferd side leakage. I wasnt happy:(
  6. C

    My First ABU order

    I posted a thread a week or two ago about how I was down to only 1 diaper in my stash. I was looking on ABU for some diapers, I was trying to get some cushies but unfortunately they were out of stock. My next option was the Preschool plastic diapers but they were out of stock as well. Since the...
  7. W

    First time!

    I bought my first package of diapers last night while on the road, some Huggies for toddlers. It was so nerve racking! :sweatdrop: the worst pet was that he cashier was a hot girl that looked at me funny when I was buying them... what if she had said something? I would've been so embarrassed I...
  8. G

    First time wetting diaper

    Hey, everyone! I've been good, I wet my diaper! ^-^ But with all joking aside, yesterday, I wet my diaper for the very first time, and I thought I would share my experience to you all. So, basically, I'm quite new to the ABDL-stuff, and when I started, I thought I would start off slowly...
  9. L

    ABU Lavender diapers hold Soooooo much pee pee!!!

    So I ordered a case of the Abu Lavender's, and I just got them in the mail yesterday! Yay! And I just have to let this be said to all the haters out there that have tried to hate on these diapers..... NO. Just NO. Put your paci's in and shhhhh hater's, because you are very very wrong! I...
  10. D

    Staying Dry

    I'm sure this has been asked a billion times but couldn't find anything on it. I enjoy being in a wet nappy, but there comes a time that one needs to change into a nice clean fresh nappy. What i want to know is after changing into a new nappy how long before its wet again? I changed about 15...
  11. M

    How long you've been in a wet diaper?

    I' am incontinent, and as I will not leave the house this weekend, I put a diaper today, Friday, and only intend to change on Sunday. I think with a plastic pants I'll get. How long you have stayed in a wet diaper?
  12. H

    Anyone else find that store brand diapers are better to wet?

    I've noticed that when i get the store brand diapers and I wet them they tend to get a lot more squishy than the more expensive diapers do. I find this a tad annoying though as they are more expensive for less absorbancy. At the moment though I just use lille classic, iD expert and the attends...
  13. P

    a great feeling

    i love wearing diapers when sleeping now for a couple years. have everything from the bulky adult diapers to pampers and huggies and goodnight diapers. seems i've settled with using pampers. waking wet most of the time and not having a wet bed is a great thing. Don't know about everyone else...
  14. Sitherus

    afraid to wet new aio

    so i bought a cloth aio diaper. I bought it so that i could sleep in it snugly and hapily but not use it. But when wearing it i just have the urge to use it cause im used to that. I dont wear it during the day because i don't want it getting stained. O don't have a problem at night anymore. So...
  15. L

    Adivse please...

    Ok so on Sunday i went to Kmart on my way to college, so i have been wanting to get back into diapers, but i haven't bought any. I look on the adult diaper aisle and saw Depends S/M witch is my size, but i prefer the plastic ones. My point is i still have college weeks I'm thinking of going on...
  16. kjluvs

    from bedwetter to DL and back again

    Hi everyone! My name is Kevin and I've been a member of several DL sites since about 1999. Growing up, I struggled badly with bed wetting and diapers have always been a major part of my life. However my emotions were mixed because somewhere along the line, I started to be aroused by waking up in...
  17. rileysurfer

    Color Changing Bambino Bellissimos

    Anyone else have an issue with the inside padding of Bambino Bellissimos turning a reddish color after wetting? Maybe it's because of the brand of baby powder I am using, or the amount, but any time I wet I notice the inside of the diaper turns a bright pink to red color in some of the wet...
  18. C

    How did your love for diapers start?

    I remember to this day where my love for diapers started... I was 7 years old and I had a neighbor across the street he was 4 years old and was my friend...we hung out almost every day...then one day I went over his house it was kind of late for a 7 year old the sun just went down...we lived...
  19. sah69

    Finally wet and messed the bed!!!

    I drank tons of water and a melatonin and I held in my mess all day, finally I unconciously messed and wet my diaper to the brim while asleep. Has anyone else ever acheived/tried this? Sorry if this is a bad post, I'm new
  20. crowza

    Waking Up in a fully wet diaper

    Does anybody find it amazing when you get out of bed in a fully wet diaper and feeling the diaper sagging a bit. I enjoy this, I just got out of bed and my diaper is pretty wet, being I'm also a bed wetter I can't help it and yet last night I did drink a bit and drank a lot of water.