1. copper360

    UK diaper buying sites

    so i know there are probably a few of these lying around but i cant find one. So my question is this what websites are there that are cheap for diapers in the uk cause im looking to buy some for a total of under £20. ive seen ageuk and incontinencechoice but i dont know of any others. I'm...
  2. Wheatley

    I would like to thank...

    Moo and the ADISC staff for wishing me a happy birthday. With a smiley face. I know it's an automated site message and not some nice card with heartfelt confessions of how I matter to them and how they care about me, combined with a convenient giftcard or money, but geez. I honestly didn't...
  3. Littleabgirl

    So, I recently ordered some bambino and bambino teddies off this website however, it's been a few days now and i've heard nothing. I've received no email to say they've been dispatched and I have sent them an email enquiring if they have been or not and again, heard nothing. Has anyone had any...
  4. R still down has been down for almost a year now:sad:. Does anybody know if and when it will be back up again. Does anybody know of any other sites like it. Thanx Vrede
  5. leicesterfan

    Best Websites (preferably UK based)

    I'm getting my first debit card next eek and want to indulge in some quality diapers and a decent paci. Does anyone know any good websites that send ultra-discretely and stock good quality products? Also, If you know of any UK site that sells these, they would be preferable (no shipping costs etc).