1. T

    Diaps and Weather

    Hey! I havn't seen this topic much here, so i'll just throw it out there. What is your favorite weather for your diaper wearing? Interested if people like summer vs winter better, I kinda think that the cold coziness is great for wearing but would love to hear some thoughts! cheers
  2. Tripped

    Finished The dark day.

    Summary: Having known each other for only one year, fourteen year olds Owen Roberts and Jake Patterson had the friendship that seemed to span decades. Yet on this day, their friendship would be put to the test. Would the 'fish out of the water' and the 'loner' survive the darkest day of their...
  3. Pramrider

    Snow!!! :)

    Finally!!! The snow drought around here is over! And it's not one of those sloppy snow-to-sleet-to-freezing rain type of storms. This one is the real deal hitting almost the entire US east coast. We've already got 6" to 8" on the ground with heavier snow coming overnight. Tomorrow is supposed to...