1. T

    Diaps and Weather

    Hey! I havn't seen this topic much here, so i'll just throw it out there. What is your favorite weather for your diaper wearing? Interested if people like summer vs winter better, I kinda think that the cold coziness is great for wearing but would love to hear some thoughts! cheers
  2. T

    Just in case moments

    Hey everyone! Thought it would be interesting to hear some of your most noteworthy moments when you decided to put on a diap "just in case" and ended up being very glad that you did. Simple question but I think it would be awesome to know what comes to mind for people out there. Cheers!
  3. W

    When would everyone wear diapers? / Reasonable price for 24/7 wearing.

    I recently saw on the wikipedia page for adult diapers that there are people who claim that wearing diapers full time is better for your health, and that it would be advancing society. However, right now it would be very difficult for everyone to wear full time. Diapers are pretty expensive. $20...
  4. Slomo

    Why are you wearing a diaper?

    I saw this pop up in another thread, so I thought I'd put this up for discussion. I've gotten the question, "why am I wearing a diaper" before. As I'm sure others might have too. So what's your typical answer? For me, it always surprises me someone would ask this question. Often enough, my...
  5. OriginalT

    What do you like about Diapers/Wetting

    I don't really know how to start this, but I was wondering how you guys felt when you wet a diaper, what it feels like, or your favourite parts about them. Do some of you prefer to only wear and not wet? I myself do not wear diapers but I really want to start wearing every now and then so Id...
  6. I

    So, the diaper adventure of a lifetime is happening...

    ...if i can get a suitcase full of diapers etc to London, without my parents noticing. I have been on this forum for almost two years, but i hated my username so i made a new account. In a couple of weeks, I'm going by myself to London for a week. I plan to wear diapers from the moment I've...
  7. A

    Snuggies Overnights: Finally Got em!

    I also uploaded more in Imgur : Link Here here they are the! Copy of my comment on Reddit: Just F.Y.I : I got them just now, picked up locally, OMG. This is my opinion but I have to share it, they are very comfy and has snug fit, Just as the Snuggies name implies lol... The colors are much...
  8. W

    A diaper to fit my use?

    Hey all so ive been wearing diapers less this year due to depression and money. I love the fun-printed plastic backed disposables, but the thing is alot of the time i just wear them over night or days when im not doing anything but i dont actually USE them. I can make a case last a long time...
  9. MellowYellow

    So It Has been 1 week out of the Diaper Closet

    So ya it feels totally liberating, knowing that I choose to wear my diapers (loudly and proudly). I came out to my mom, who I am living with at the present moment, dad isn't in the picture. So now I wear pretty much whenever I want, even when my mom is home. Anyone else have any good or bad...
  10. D

    What if wearing diapers became normal?

    This thought has surely crossed most of our minds. Let's imagine that suddenly wearing and using diapers became normal and acceptable in our society. It could be because of some new health research about negative sides of holding your bladder or it would be the new "hipster" thing or whatever...
  11. V

    How did you learn to "let go" in a diaper?

    I'm night-time incontinent right now because I have a kidney infection, but I'm not day-time incontinent. While I have leakage sometimes, I mostly have intense feelings of urgency, even if I've literally JUST gone to the bathroom. I find myself in a lot of situations where I feel like I have to...
  12. G

    Wore in public for the first time today (Unplanned too!)

    Okay so I got off work, decided to throw one of my Abenas on. I took a nap, woke up hungry. Decided I should go grab some food, so I threw on some sweatpants and left. I went to taco bell, through the drive thru and got my food. Well I realized when I got my food it was the wrong order and the...
  13. nappiebutt1993

    DL's Whats your favorite garment to wear over your nappies?

    Hey guys just a little fun post here on your favorite over-garments for a stealthy or a noticeable nappy day. Id like to know Your favorite concealment item, whether you wear undies too or not. Your favorite Relaxation item, Same as above well mine is: Jeans for my concealment item. its...
  14. RedMagus

    Public Tail-wearing

    I'm mostly curious as to how people feel about wearing a tail in public. I've worn mine outside a couple times and the only stuff that has happened is people questioning me out of curiosity for it. No animosity, but I feel that I can deal with that calmly if it shows up. I'm planning on wearing...
  15. D

    why do you wear diapers?

    well, i think that because my parents divorced when i was 4 and i had a terrible leg breaking accident two years later, i just never got to be a true little boy. ;( I still can't be, because the leg. I hate it. So, I think i like it because i want to go back and change that part of my life. I...
  16. leicesterfan

    Going for the big step forward

    I need to go to town on the bus tomorrow to collect my train ticket and I am considering wearing an adult diaper. I am really looking forward to it and will possibly decide to wet in public. I have worn diapers in public before but they were only drynites, this time I want to go all out. I have...
  17. leicesterfan

    Wearing in Public: Your Experiences

    Hi guys, I've just been trawling through old threads and came across a closed one that talked about people's experiences of wearing diapers in public. As it was closed, I couldn't post my experiences and many more of you would be unable to so I thought I'd start up a new thread. Feel free to...
  18. leicesterfan

    First actual diaper!

    Hi guys and girls! I've just taken delivery of my first load of nappy style diapers. I've had pull-ups before but they leak so easily so I decided to get some adult diapers. I've just put my first one on and I have a few questions: 1) The tapes don't seem to be terribly strong so is there...
  19. betagame

    Wearing Diapers in Public

    If you have worn diapers in Public and had a good experience or even a bad experience, then post your experience here.
  20. betagame

    Wearing diapers in public

    I want to know If anyone has wore diapers in public. If you did, I would like to read your experiences, what brands you wore, and if anything went wrong.