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  1. R

    have you ever seen anyone out in public wearing a diaper other then really old people?

    :biggrin:i have always looked while i am out in ublic but have never seen anyone else wearing one other then really old people. i was just wondering if anyone has ever seen anyone while they have been out. i have seen a few that i thought might have been but dont really know and thats only one...
  2. betagame

    Wearing diapers in public

    I want to know If anyone has wore diapers in public. If you did, I would like to read your experiences, what brands you wore, and if anything went wrong.
  3. betagame

    Ive Noticed a change in my friend|Is it true/ has he become incon/he wears diapers and he doesnt even care/potentialm B/DL??

    Today at school i noticed My friend, Stuart, pants look more bulkier than usual and this was strange to me, because i was standing next to a potential DL. all through the day i thought questions: Is he incon? Is he a B/DL Did he try wearing diapers to school? Will he get caught?[because i heard...