wearing to bed

  1. ABDElsa

    Is it Safe/Sanitary to Wear a Diaper, Take it Off, Put it Under my Mattress, and Put it Back on Next Time I'm Home Alone?

    Ok so here is my sitch, I'm a Diaper Lover who pefers ABU, Bambino Rearz, etc. Diapers over Depend, Abena, Attends, -Per-Fit etc. However, I am in college but still living at home so, obviously I can't be Diapered all the time, and I have to hide my Diapers from my family. The way I do it is I...
  2. Pokogirl

    Your Diaper Routine

    Hello! I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for like 2 months and have recently taken a long break due to some bad experience.I have thought for some while and decided that instead of wearing 24/7 I shall follow a routine. It would be very helpful if you tell me your diaper routine and give me...
  3. C

    I miss my diapers!

    I miss wearing my diapers I haven't worn in over a year ever since I moved out of my moms house and into my dads house in a different state I have been missing the awesome feeling of wearing my Goodnites and wetting and then wear that wet diaper to bed. I would occasionally mess my diaper but...