wearing diapers

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    coming to terms with nappies

    I'm 21 and I find that i have a hard time with accepting that i like to wear nappies. I go through phases when i want to wear them and then phases when i am put off by them. i end up buying loads of nappies and then end up not wanting them after a week. anyone else have a hard time with it /...
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    Diapers at Pokemon Go Fest

    So my partner and I made the questionable decision to attend Pokemon Go fest in Chicago this weekend. As I'm sure you all heard it was a bit of a cluster. This wasn't helped by the fact that I was wearing the entire time and was dying inside my diaper from the heat. Any tips for how to wear...
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    why do you wear adult diapers

    I thought I would express or tell the reason behind me wearing adult diapers!. Well for me I absolutely love the soft plastic wrapped around my waist and the soft padding between my legs :). I honestly can not remember what got me to wear one for the first time but obviously something had me...