1. Doctorwalrus

    Am I the only one who does this?

    Sometimes I like to take a shower in a diaper and one time I took a bath in a diaper. I also like to stick the faucet in my diaper and fill my diaper with warm water If anyone also does any of these things (or you have other fun things to do with diapers) please say so. - doctorwalrus
  2. PermababyTobias

    Overloading my diapers in the shower!!!

    i just filled my 3 diapers with my showerhead full of water. :sweatdrop:
  3. J


    I dont know if this is weird but does any one else like to dump water that is hot down there diaper. Not to hot but kinda hot. I think that it feels good in my diaper.
  4. Talula

    What's your hangover cure?

    So there are a few threads on this already, but all from early last year so it's time for a new one! What's your hangover cure? I always try to drink a lot of water when I get home, and eat something that shouldn't make me sick, like pizza or toast. Apparently the best thing for a hangover is...
  5. L


    For some reason, all the threads on subject fishing has been closed for some reason. I hope I'm not doing anything that I shouldn't be doing now, but I fail to see what that would be... Anyway! Yeah fishing! Who else likes to do it? I speak of all sorts of fishing now, may it be angling with...
  6. L

    Inducing Bedwetting...

    I have recently wanted to know first hand what its like to wake up in a wet diaper, and I think it would be fun. Anyways, I googled it and only found out how to prevent bedwetting so I thought I would ask around here. Im wondering about the hand in water trick (though I think it requires...
  7. leffykit

    odd wetting habits

    Just curious, but does anyone else have odd wetting habits? I like many others have trouble wetting in diapers without forcing it somewhat and discovered a useful odd habit; ever since I was a kid the sound of running water has sparked the urge in me and I've never been able to shower without...
  8. betagame

    Do you like your beverages cold in winter?

    I do drink cold drinks and eat ice cream in winter just like it was summertime.