1. J

    Good diaps in Washington State

    Other than AB Universe, Tykables or Olympic Pharmacy is there anywhere to buy good diapers in WA state? Olympic pharmacy has molicare super plus but they're going away from poly backing soon. There's gotta be somewhere that still has poly backed diapers?
  2. CatsBrat

    AB/DL/Babyfur Conventions/Munches in Washington?

    Hewwos everybody! ^w^ I'm new to the community but stumbled across this site looking for AB cons in my state. I'm pretty shy about my baby side but my mommy wants to learn about how my babyfur side works and kinda jump into my little world so a convention seems like a good way to go. I've seen...
  3. L

    Washington Post Article on TP, Diapers, & Hygiene Products

    Reading the Washington Post this morning, I came across this interesting article which includes a world map showing growth in toilet paper and hygiene products and what it means: How toilet paper explains the world Western Europe and Japan show growth in adult diapers with a growing retirement...
  4. G

    hello friends

    hi to everyone ab and dl and more... I'm Paul, an ab and dl who lives in the washington dc area, USa. I am 48 and bi, and love to chat with a meet new friends. interested in almost all diaper and ab things, except messy diapers. this is a fetish for me, not a lifestyle, but i respect all...
  5. W

    Greetings Y'All! Wannabe present! =)

    Hello there everyone out there! I'm excited to find this website! I grew up (still growing up) very confused and scared of the fact that I liked diapers... I didn't really understand why I did. I now know why I WAS scared. I was because I didn't like (and still don't) to be judged and...