1. MatalicPebble

    Cloth AIO care (The pail)

    Is it really necessary to have a pail if your throwing it directly in the wash? I plan on filling up my washing machine with my used AIO's and then doing a wash before bed. I also thought about making a lot of my scrap fabric in my sewing stash into wash cloths for changing. I could bleach the...
  2. H

    Cuddlz cloth diaper

    I'm thinking about getting the cuddlz cloth diaper however it says i need to hand wash it cool and hang it to dry. Does it really matter if i do a cold machine wash and hang it to dry? If not am what are the steps to hand washing one of these? Thanks for any advice in advance :D
  3. B

    Cloth diapers in an apt with out washer drier

    O recently moved, I have a new appatrment but this place does not have a washer/drier in unit like my last place. To do a load it costs 3:50, and I am wondering something. 1) I have always done the diaper laundry every 3 days (to help prevent the smell) 2) I usually only have 3 diapers for each...
  4. J

    Cuddlz Onesie, washing instructions?

    I just got a super cute cuddlz onesie... It's lovely and soft with dinosaurs on it :smile1: great stuff! It doesn't come with any washing instructions however and I don't want it to lose its fluffiness! Does anyone have one? Can I just bung it in with my normal colour wash? Thanks :)
  5. S

    Cloth w/ Parents

    I was wondering. I would love to wear cloth diapers, but sadly live with me parents. Is there any way I can still use cloth, and wash it discreetly? Getting them is not the problem
  6. AbbeyJunction

    Cleaning/Washing Cloth diapers

    I have never found a place that explains this. maybe im not looking hard enough, maybe im just being me again and its in plain sight but i cant see it. can somone tell me how do you clean Cloth diapers. in the wash? is there certain stuff you should or shouldnt use? ((fabric softener, bleach...