washing machine

  1. jjpadded

    Accidentally putting pads in the washing machine

    I wear Tena for men every day and sometimes forget that they are attached to the inside of my underwear and put them in the washing machine. Very difficult to clean all the fibres off everything and embarrassing trying to explain to people why all your washing is covered in white jelly...
  2. MatalicPebble

    AIO cloth diaper question

    .....I have been wearing cloth diapers for a while now and learned a lot. Particularly how to wash them. I noticed how its better to pre-soak them to prevent oder stains. I also am looking into sewing my own generally because I can't always afford buying new ones when they wear out. It is a lot...
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    A reminder of being careful when you load the washing machine

    Today I put a fill load on the washing machine, and a few minutes later I came back to set it to centrifugate but oh surprise.... The clothing was full of SAP and small pieces of a paper like thing, I panicked and started to frantically clean everything up (just for the record, it was not wet or...