washable diaper

  1. R


    Since my partner hates it when I wear diapers I've been on the lookout for something discreet. I saw D-Briefs advertised on TV and wondered if they were any good? I'm guessing the absorbency is limited but would anyone be fooled into thinking they were just normal underpants? Has anyone tried...
  2. D

    My first ever Accident

    Last night i had my first ever accident :( but fortunanly i was saved by my CLOTH diaper, sadly this is a diaper i only use for comfort and thickness over my plastic plants.... it was during the night, and i woke up with a wet diaper, it took a while to realize i only had my cloth diaper on...
  3. MatalicPebble

    Fabric AIO's Washing?

    So my question is this; "Is it important to let them dry out before you wash them or is it possible to wash them still damp?" The reason I ask is because for a while I just washed them when ever I had two in a pale. I only had 3 AIOs' at the time. I now have four and in the process of taking on...
  4. MatalicPebble

    Good deal?

    I just bought this and want to make sure I got my money worth in this purchase. I got to thinking about the padding between the legs and how I said I don't like a lot that spreads my legs. To put it simple I decided to just get used to it. I love the print on this and going to pay off the credit...