1. C

    World of Warcraft

    Got many characters across many realms, some of which are Kil'jaeden, Emerald Dream, Tichondrius, Muradin and Stormreaver. I have an 85 Warrior on Kil'Jaeden alliance named Kalduraun, and an 84 Paladin on Emerald Dream alliance name Cruven. I love starting new characters so if anyone wants to...
  2. Donnie

    Starcraft II/ World of Warcraft Real IDs

    so, my real ID is [email protected], just add a lil note if you add me. Im on more than I probably should be, and I'm also getting starcraft II. I love in game friends!
  3. MaskedBandit

    WoW Wednesdays Anyone?

    I want to start a "Social Guild" for World of Warcraft. The idea is to play only once or twice a month, because i know we all have our own friends and guilds on WoW. We could play for 2-3 hours every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. (it doesn't have to be Wednesday if that won't work for...