1. dolecrush

    Best Drug Store Diaper?

    Hi y'all I recently started to wear diapers and wet them every so often, but I've only used Goodnites XL because I thought they were a good cheap diaper. Could I get some recommendations for a diaper from a place like Walgreens or a grocery store pharmacy? My roommate is a little nosey when it...
  2. WDDash

    Walmart Parents' Choice Diapers

    So I was at a Walmart today and found this brand and found out with some searching it's a Walmart diaper brand. I heard some good things about it and gave it a try. They apparently sell "bedwetting diapers". I mean most good stuff is about Goodnites, but personally, I find that they aren't...
  3. BluefireJay05

    Has anyone ever experienced this?....

    I am just wondering if anyone has ever experienced seeing parents buying their older children diapers I have on a few occasions. 1. I was in walmart one day and this kid came walking by the cash registers twirling a pack of diapers in his hands (my guess him being nervous that's what I would...
  4. LennyFace

    [US] What should I get @ Walmart?

    I know, I know I really should be buying somewhere else, but for me Walmart is only a 6 minute bike ride from where I live! Which makes my life much easier for getting supplies :D. Anyways, right now I'm considering 3 Diapers to get. (Also first time getting diapers! yay!) What I'm Considering...
  5. C

    Walmart goodnites.

    Is something going on with goodnites allocation to walmart stores? Ive been to a 24 hour walmart supercenter 3 times in th3 last week.... all 3 times they were sold out of boys lxl goodnites jumbo packs..... should I just have more patients are are they changinf shelf space, discontenuing, etc.
  6. WearingClouds

    Feedback Requested Quick Question

    If I suggest a product that I think can benefit a large number of people, would you consider that spamming or advertising. I want to know because if people on this site don't like suggestions on things they are probably going to use often and like, I will refrain from suggesting anything. I...
  7. WearingClouds

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    I forgot who mentioned this idea to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all. So, I recently tried Hello Kitty Duct Tape. I liked it because of its cute design and great adhesive ability to plastic backed diapers. Has anyone else tried this product? Or can suggest to me something similar...
  8. C

    Might finally be wearing diapers again

    I'm going to be going on a roadtrip on the 21st (was originally scheduled for 13th but something came up) and I was thinking of buying some diapers before I go...ill be gone for a few months on vacation which gives me the perfect oppurtunity to wear you may know from my previous...
  9. Hyperlitegreen

    M4 Abena Xplus under straight fit jeans or loose fit jeans????

    Hey guys! Is wearing loose fit jeans over Xplus Abena diapers a better choice than straight fit jeans in terms of comfort? It seems if the seat area of the loose fit jeans are larger, then people might see you have a bigger bulge or hiding something in your pants. Or, if I use the...
  10. F

    Assurance Boxer Style pull ons

    I saw some boxer type pullons for adults at Walmart a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I'm very displeased with their quality. I'd say that they pretty much took the absorbent part of the pull-ons, and just inserted it into very cheaply made boxer style cloth. I'm glad I only purchased a single...
  11. C

    Imitation/cookie cutter diapers

    I was just wondering if anyone else has run into the same situation, but recently I bought a 22 pack of "attends" and when I got home and put one on, I was surprised to see that it was thinner than a depends... I remember them being a lot thicker... I just chocked it up to going a long time...
  12. ArtikSnow

    The Most Embarassing Moment Or The Most Courageous Moment You Did With Baby Stuff.

    For me it was in texas. I went down to texas to visit my daddy fur and a furry buddy. Well i ended going to walmart with them in just my footed sleeper with my binki hanging from my neck and wearing a soaked diaper. I walked threw the walmart like that for a good hour and we picked up some...
  13. DaddysLittleDefect

    Why does Honda have to mess up their headlights?

    I have a '94 Accord LX which I just love. It usually treats me right and it has the largest straight 4 in any accord. However to change the headlights I had to take out the overflow radiator tank, the battery, the air filter and I had to remove a lot of wiring harnesses. All after a night of...
  14. kalynnharvey

    Should I buy Walgreens Certainty or Walmart Assurance?

    Are the walgreens diapers better than walmarts? I can buy both but im stuck on which to get. Are they even worth it or should i just go check out the thrift store for some real diapers?
  15. Coney


    Ok, so tomorrow I'm planning to ditch school, walk down to wal-mart, buy some diapers, and put them in my backpack, it will be empty, and it will be in the beginning of the day so im back before the end of the day, and thats all that will be in my backpack, tommorow my last full day of school...