1. dolecrush

    Best Drug Store Diaper?

    Hi y'all I recently started to wear diapers and wet them every so often, but I've only used Goodnites XL because I thought they were a good cheap diaper. Could I get some recommendations for a diaper from a place like Walgreens or a grocery store pharmacy? My roommate is a little nosey when it...
  2. jayjoy

    Recent change in CVS/Walgreens diaper?

    I've been wearing the CVS fitted briefs and Walgreens Certainty diapers (I believe the Shoprite diapers are the same, but I'm not quite sure) for some time, and the most recent batch I bought (from CVS this time) is very different from before. For reference, I wear their Mediums. Has anybody...
  3. inconsurferdude

    Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

    My go-to diaper since I started having to wear them full time this past November has been plastic-backed Attends, which work really well for me. I rarely have leaks, and I use Tena Overnight pads as stuffers every night and sometimes during the day, especially if I'm at home. But lately I've...
  4. KatelynG

    Diaper Review: Well Beginnings Girls' Training Pants (My Little Pony Pull-Ups!)

    Well Beginnings is the Walgreens generic brand of diapers, training pants, and other baby supplies. These are the girls' training pants and are My Little Pony-themed. This is the review of the 4T-5T size. These are also available in 2T-3T size and 3T-4T size, each with unique prints...
  5. F

    Anyone ever have Drugstore.com order shipped to Walgreens?

    Hello folks, I wish I could order diapers online with ease, but I don't live on my own, which means having a large package delivered to the house would mean fielding questions as to whats in the box. I've considered getting a P.O. box just for this purpose, but there may be another option. I...
  6. N

    Drug Store Diapers

    Hi everybody, I've been lurking trying to find an answer to no prevail, what is the best diaper I can buy at a convenience mart? Are the day and night CVS brand okay? What about Walgreens? Money is no object here, I just want a package of halfway decent diapers until I can work out how to...
  7. L

    Well Beginnings vs Goodnites..... HELP!

    I have been getting more in to the training pants. I don't really like diapers so my choices are limited. My problem is that my butt is a little on the larger size and had trouble fitting into Goodnites. Has anyone tries both Goodnites and Walgreens brand (Well Beginnings), the ones with My...
  8. D

    Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

    So I was looking on the Walgreens website and found their version of Goodnites and they are much cheaper. I was wondering if there were any differences between the different packages and/or if anyone has tried these recently cause they claim to be "new and improved" while reviews since don't...
  9. E

    Walgreens New Certanty Diapers

    Today I was looking for the New Depends Shields I went to my local walgreens and low and behold They have a (generic Depend Shilouette) that comes in a cardbord box just like the realfits and Shilouettes I only saw for women has anybody seen these I am going to go back and take some pictures.
  10. C

    Imitation/cookie cutter diapers

    I was just wondering if anyone else has run into the same situation, but recently I bought a 22 pack of "attends" and when I got home and put one on, I was surprised to see that it was thinner than a depends... I remember them being a lot thicker... I just chocked it up to going a long time...
  11. SoggyDoggy

    Attends Deal from Walgreens.com - Save $10.00 Per Case!

    I just received an email from Walgreen's offering $10.00 off a case of Attends through their site. Looks like a good deal with 27 products to chose from, and discreet shipping on most items. Link...
  12. kalynnharvey

    Should I buy Walgreens Certainty or Walmart Assurance?

    Are the walgreens diapers better than walmarts? I can buy both but im stuck on which to get. Are they even worth it or should i just go check out the thrift store for some real diapers?