1. Argent

    ABU SDKs/Cushies/Lavender front waistband yay or nay?

    Hi peeps, I know this comes up a bit in discussion and ABU can and should be able to do whatever they want with their products but just for fun (and probably my own OCD) what would you like ABU to do with their 2 tape diapee range? Be fabulous if you could also answer the poll if any of the...
  2. inconsurferdude

    High-rise/waist plastic pants

    I'm looking for recommendations to buy higher-waisted plastic pants. I've tried GaryWear in the past for overnight when I used to wear Abena, but usually wear higher-waisted six-tape Attends and want something I can buy multiple pairs of for daily wear. I still have a few pairs of the GaryWear...
  3. SimCo

    Elastic waistband in rear?

    I know that having elastic waistbands on both the front and back of a diaper is considered a plus, but I'm not sure what function the elastic actually serves. Can someone shed some light on this subject?
  4. F

    Adult Pull Ups with Minimal Waistband?

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this (sorry if I'm in the wrong forum category), but I've been looking into the different pull-on diapers out there and I've ran into a little bit of a snag. I absolutely love GoodNites, but they're kinda small-ish. I can wear them, but they tear so easily...