1. S

    Diaper Sizing Help?

    I've been looking to get a pack of kid's diapers or pull ups but they don't seem to offer measurement sizing beyond weights, so I'm hoping someone here will know what might fit me. It's my first time buying diapers and I don't have a lot of money to spare so I can't really do a lot of trial and...
  2. G

    What size Depends Fitted Briefs?

    I've never purchased diapers with tapes before and can only buy in-store at the moment, so I'm planning on purchasing Depends Fitted Briefs. However, My waist size is EXACTLY between the two sizes offered, (S/M 19-34 and L/Xl 35-49) so my waist is about 34 and 1/2 inches. Can anyone tell me...
  3. EmilyL

    How many of us here keep ourselves shaved from the neck down?

    Curious to see how many people on here keep themselves shaved from the neck down. This doesn't need to include the armpits, but technically it's in the same area. For the ones that do, what razer/cream do you use and what tips can you offer to maintaine this state? Also would you recommend any...
  4. FievelandTonyAB93

    Question for anyone about the diaper size

    I have bought a 96" tape measure last night and decided to measure my waist. My waist is measured approximately 42". I thought of wanting to get diapers from AB Universe since the prices there are cheaper (although some people say that Bambino is better in terms of absorbency and overall...
  5. Indianajones

    Nappies and Waist sizes (UK)

    Hello Kiddos! I'm considering getting some nappies, again, and I have questions about waist sizes. I am a 31" waist, and have previously had trouble with getting nappies to fit me :wallbash:. I've researched the diaper-tape extenders, but I was wondering whether it would be better if I was to...
  6. kratox

    We need more small diapers

    I have tried a lot of small diapers and am frankly upset with the performance on a lot of them. I do understand there might not be a lot of small people, but this is ridiculous. Companies can not just forget about small waist people in society. These companies are missing out on on profits. The...
  7. D

    Odd motivation?

    So I'm thinking of starting to work out and lose some weight starting this spring. I'm not obese or anything(6', 33"~34" waist) but other than for my health I'd just really like to fit into a Goodnite. I just find the full padding front to back pull-up with prints to be very appealing but I'm...
  8. kratox

    Best affordable small diaper

    What is the best priced diaper for a small person? I have been feeling like i am wasting my diapers and am looking for some that i could wear during the day that would absorb a decent amount, comfortable and would be cheap. I have looked at tranquility Attns reviews but there where way to many...
  9. BabyHeroSakura

    Does anyone think I'm fat? Honest replies only.

    Okay this is just to ask out there, but do I look fat I'm 5"1, weigh in 112llbs, and have a 31 inch waist. I'm just asking for my own safety. Plus I lift weights in school.
  10. Rawrzipan

    Girls to guys pants size conversion

    So, I am now terribly gender confused and was wondering; what is the approximate conversion of girls skirt sizes to waist circumference? Also, what should I do about it? Do I tell anyone? Do I hide it, and, if so, how? Do I show it publicly?
  11. D

    Bambino Question

    Can someone please help me?! I want to try Bambinos but, I really don't want to buy a sample pack to check my size. I have heard that Bambino's size on their packaging is different from what they really are. I have a 35 inch waist. Should I go with mediums or large?