1. T

    Happy Friday in Virginia

    Hello everybody, I’m a DL/Daddy that has been into diapers and Little’s as long as I can remember. I’m here to make some new friends and hopefully meet some locals.
  2. happychef

    Greetings from West Virginia

    My name is Dakota and I'm a dl searching for friends and mentors. I'm heterosexual and am already in a wonderful relationship but don't let any of that scare you from talking to me, I'm very open minded and friend zone women naturally. I love the outdoors very much. From fishing to hiking. But...
  3. D

    Greetings From New DL in VA

    Hey everyone :biggrin: Wow, what a place! I just discovered I'm a new DL within the last few weeks, & after extensive online researching finally came across the best place for info/support... here! I'm a married middle-age guy with grown children, my wife currently out of state with work (she...