1. MidnightSapphire

    I need Help

    Okay so I would like some help, I'm trying to find some cheap adult Medical diapers that are simlar to the 1999 Barney Luvs?
  2. Goodnites11

    Selling Most of My Goodnites Collection

    Just a heads up, I've decided to sell most of my vintage Goodnites collection. Tons for sale, check out my eBay listings! Goodnites For Sale!
  3. H

    Huge size baby diapers size 7!

    These are huge size 7 Diapers. Tried them and they are the biggest I have ever found anywhere in the world! Love the cute packaging as well. A nice find for my collection. I collect vintage and modern baby diapers in extra large sizes. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. I know how...
  4. neaendr

    wonderful vintage activity centers

    Lucky me! Recently i bought for almost nothing, two vintage fisher price activity centers. Seen these toys was a real memory trigger; I knew and played with these models in a place where I spent my holidays with my siblings and cousins, it was some really idyllic summers, my most beautiful...
  5. T

    Big vintage diaper question late '80s

    So, I have these very formative and very distinct memories of two particular types of diapers in my childhood. The type I wore well beyond potty training to bed "just in case" and the type I remember from when my friend got put into them in daycare for wetting his pants. So, we were both...
  6. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Why has no one thought of this before?

    I've been looking up vintage adult diapers recently and have been thinking I really would've liked to experience the various different diapers that have since been discontinued. vintage 90s green Depends? I'd love to give em a whirl! 80s Blue Attends? 90s blue tape Attends? the old American...
  7. sambus

    Museum Nappy display, Edinburgh

    Just been to Edinburgh Museum of Childhood today, they do have a fabulous display of toys as you would expect, but they a babycare section with a great little display of nappies, plastic pants, pins etc. Couldn't linger or get photos today as I was with relatives but its free admission and open...
  8. DLMunky

    Vintage diapers on eBay

    Anyone ever search eBay for vintage adult diapers? I ask because I look up vintage adult (and baby) diapers all the time. Baby diapers mainly for nostalgic reasons, yep those were awesome times for diapers (before cloth-like). I'm not trying to promote or anything, so I won't tell you what...
  9. S

    Vintage adult diaper from medline?? anyone know a product called checkmate?

    l Checkmate by Medline. couldn't find any useful info of this item through google. all i know is: the copyright is 1997. Medline made it. i can only assume its a discontinued product. I found it listed on Ebay with very little info. medium is size 33" to 41" inch it has 12 in a pack...
  10. xtrabulk

    advice on a vintage IC product

    hope I got the pics inserted right...but today I found this vintage pant system. I was wondering if it would be worth putting on Ebay. Any suggestions? I believe they're from the 70s, brand new in box with pamphlet.
  11. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Custom Order Diapers

    I thought of an idea. Something that could fulfill anyone's diaper fantasy and finally allow us to have a pack or case of our dream diapers. This is a currently untapped market by the AB/DL disposable companies and they could make a killing off of this idea and make a ton of AB/DLs very happy in...
  12. SuperTed

    Awesome diaper deals (too good not to post)!!

    Just spotted this gem on Gumtree Australia: ULTRA ABSORBENT INCONTINENCE PADS MEDIUM UP TO 130CMS | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast North - Hollywell The ad is for 5 packs of Kendall Lille supreme fit maxi briefs in medium size. These are the old plastic backed type, before...
  13. Sitherus

    diaper machine places

    so i went to the mall today a found a diaper vending machine with diapers from like 10 years ago :) i was surprised to see a vending machine that sells diapers at all especially in the food court, you could buy them for $1.50 i went to get some vintage pampers but they were sold out of them then...
  14. classicseats

    My Vintage "Adult" Car Seat

    This is a Century 4200 from 1984. It's roomy as older seats go so with my 33" waist, I fit in this nicely. I added webbing to the harness so it's long enough to buckle myslf in. The T shield is a nice soft rubber and the padding is quite thick and comfy. Now who wants to drive? Oh, it's FAA...
  15. Honeywell6180

    Paying too much?

    You won't believe the price when you look at item number 320312163873 on EBay. As of this writing, the bid for two vintage boxes of Luvs toddler sized diapers is over $535.00. Just so everybody here knows, the older vintage Luvs that came in boxes are of VERY little difference in thickness and...