vintage diaper

  1. simmonsandwich

    Vintage Drynites 2005 girls

    I've just got a bunch of Vintage Drynites and since I'm low on money I thought I'd show them around and see if anyone would like to buy them. I have 8 packs currently and if people are interested in them I can get more. I have some other vintage drynites too that I can sell also tell me if your...
  2. ben10hnt

    Modern vintage diapers

    Is there any brand that sell diapers designed like those vintage baby diapers?
  3. W

    diapers similar to the vintage 1998 pampers?

    Just wondering is there any "adult/abdl etc" diapers that are similar to the vintage 1998 pampers with plastic on the outside? I'm pretty sure it's what I wore when I was a baby, so what is the most similar diaper to it?
  4. Dolphin

    Cloth diapering in the 1950's

    Short documentary on cloth diapering in the 50's. Does this bring back memories to anyone?