1. Fleetwoodmac32192

    Wearing Adult Diapers/Pull Ups with Autism dispute

    I'm usually able to make it to the toilet. But does it make me feel better with having to stop what I'm doing to find the toilet or worse having to hold it in when there's no where to go? No, not at all. My partner doesn't want me to wear and wants me to keep holding onto my personal...
  2. crybabydustin

    Omegle Fun?

    Not sure everyone feels the same, but sometimes I do enjoy seeing other react, comment, laugh at me being in my diapers and baby clothes. Has anyone recently been on and video chatted? Do you get banned if you are dressed and just sitting in your diaper and tshirt? Just thought I'd...
  3. tiny

    Why can't embedded YouTube videos be maximised?

    Sorry for cross-posting, but I posted this thread in the "Administrative Stuff" section and it hasn't had any replies (is that forum visible to everyone?). Anyway, I notice that you can't maximise embedded...
  4. Sitherus

    facebook video find diaper bet this would be my dream "see ya later diaper boy!"
  5. K

    Good sources needed for ABDL explanation.

    Hey peeps, I have been trying to explain the ABDL lifestyle to my friend who I recently told about my other side. The problem is she is not the sharpest knife in the set and is have having an issue comprehending it. I have said she can ask me any question she wants and I'll answer it but that...
  6. R

    Favorite Pokemon!

    This has probably been done like a bajillion times before here, or at least something similar has. But I'll give it a shot here. :) I was feeling a little inspired by a meme I once partook of on DeviantART a while back, and thought I'd try something a little similar here for fun. It's a meme...
  7. Paddedwolf

    Awesome YouTube video that my video production team put together

    So I believe I posted here before on another video we made, but this video is pretty cool. The plot is a mad scientist who makes a shrink ray and puts it to use! Hope you all enjoy :)
  8. D

    Has anyone seen these vids before? (Diaper Sighting)

    Hey there! I am new here, but I hope you don't mind! ^_^ I was just wondering if anyone had seen these videos yet. They may seem like just your average, run of the mill parkour videos, but I think you'll notice something a little more... Well, shall we say, crinkly on one of the performers...
  9. BabyHeroSakura

    Link's Play Date

    Hello BabyHeroSakura here. I'm working on a story on the Legend of Zelda, it's kind of cheesy but its just the intro. Any criticism is welcomed.:sweatdrop: Link's Play date "Congratulations Link! It's a baby boy", the nurse held and cleaned Link's newborn baby covered him in a white...
  10. tiny

    New group: documentaries online!

    I just thought I'd let you all know about a new group I've just set up for educational documentaries (as opposed to the fly-on-the-wall variety) that are available to watch online. I love seeing a new documentary that opens my mind and teaches me something new. So, if you've seen a good...
  11. tiny

    Against the infantilism of women...

    I saw this amazing spoken word recital on YouTube arguing against the infantilism of women. And I can sort-of see where it's coming from. In the UK for the last decade or so, "school disco" club nights have become quite popular, where adults dress up in school uniforms with a kind of geek-chic...
  12. ElliottABDL

    Favourite music videos

    Music videos can really add or takeaway from a song, but there are some that are just head and shoulders above others. So let's all just post our would be great to have a little blurb explaining why you love it. I'm going with Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by the White...
  13. LaLoneDigi

    Found A Good Bedtime Story Video - Youtube link

    Comforting Bedtime Story *For Sleepy Time* Comforting Bedtime Story *For Sleepy Time* - YouTube I fell asleep listening to this last night. It's very soothing and relaxing. I really loved it.
  14. FievelandTonyAB93

    Any VHS fans here?

    Aw yes! The VHS! The very nostalgic piece of memory for the masses across the world. VHS is still sold in stores in the form of blank tapes, and it is still a major method of recording footage from the television. How many of you guys other than me still hold on to your VHS collection or...
  15. FievelandTonyAB93

    Your favorite Sega Genesis game

    As a follow up to a thread that I posted about what your favorite N64 game is, I decided that I should ask all of you that have a Sega Genesis a curious question. What games do you favorably enjoy playing on the Genesis?
  16. SuperSecretFoxy

    For all the Muse fans

    Hey guys, I'm a muse fan. I've listened to every single song they made and I still lov'em, so I made this kinetic typography movie. I didn't finish it because I already put in five hours of work and I was too tired to keep going. This is my first time EVER I made something like this so don't...
  17. SlowBro

    HlpPlz! D: Graphics card acting up..

    So, I just did a clean install of Windows Vista 32-bit Premium and I installed all of my drivers; however, my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics card isn't showing up. And when I go into my device manager it has the yellow arrow by "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".... Help me. D'; I've...
  18. captainpollution

    Retrogamers take note: thinking of selling my Atari 2600

    So, I just recently acquired an Atari 7800. For the past 7 years I have owned an Atari 2600 (Darth Vader Model), and I am getting pretty desperate for cash as I don't have a job right now. Should I sell the Atari 2600? Provided it's sold to an individual that I trust will take care of it...
  19. MarqueeMoon

    Absolutley Adorable

    I've watched this clip way too many times. Did any Brits catch this when it aired? EDIT: This might not be the correct sub-forum for this thread, so feel free to move it.
  20. I

    a vid: some random guy treating adult diaps not like some sick perverted thing!

    Soo after a night of 'drinkin 'n thinkin' i decided to do some random *B/DL mashing of keywords into Google vids and see what i got and stumbled upon this: so, some weirdo sent me adult diapers - wtf? not only did they send diapers, but they sent them in size XL. I thought it'd try them anyway...