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  1. T

    Overrated/Overpriced Video Games

    I found >this< Thread by BabyTyrant and startet thinking about what games in my Steam library are Underrated, but the only game I found was overrated/overpriced (in my opinion In my case it is not a real game but a Mod for Portal 2: Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative its a really...
  2. T

    Diaps for gaming

    Do any of you enjoy wearing them for playing video games and not having to get up? I just find it awesome, and I bet some of you might agree. Cheers!
  3. jayjoy

    Hi all! Just trying to find my place in the universe

    Hello ADISC members and future friends! I'm new here, so sorry if I'm posting my introduction in the wrong section. I'm young, yet somehow technologically challenged. Y'all can call me Jay. I'm currently in my last full-time semester in undergrad, pursuing a degree in music. I'm here because...
  4. ABAlex2

    The Apology

    The game was fast and fierce. The players quickly covered the map, looking for animated weapons and built in cover. At the same time, they were shooting constantly, trying to hit anyone on the opposing team. However, what was even more furious was the chatter. The players shouted insults and...
  5. Xzanza

    Nerd Talk

    I made this thread for people who want to talk about geeky things; all are welcome!
  6. I

    Any classic children's video games you fondly remember?

    If this thread has already been covered feel free to direct me to it. Being interested in ABDL and Diaperfur stuff I remembered some of the children's computer games I played as a little boy. Most of these were Edmark games that were endless hours of fun. These include: - Thinkin Things 1 & 2...
  7. boostergold

    anyone have a ps4

    i have a ps4 and if you wanna add me and play games and such my psn name is neighborhoodman.
  8. T

    Your Top 3 Games EVER

    There are some games that stick out to us throughout our gaming lives. Which 5 games have stuck out to you more than others? Here are my three. 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Top of the GTA's in my game life. 2. Stronghold Crusader (1). Favorite RTS game of all time. 1. Dead Space (2 &...
  9. Digit

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    So, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is no doubt going to be making an appearance at E3 this year. We already know it's going to have Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded cutscenes. A new video was just released (...
  10. MotherFaith

    Your Ten Favourite Games of all time

    1 Heroes of Might and Magic II 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles 3 Street Fighter Alpha 3 4 Gunstar Heroes 5 Street Fighter III Third Strike 6 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 7 Sonic the Hedgehog 8 Cool Boarders 2 9 Star Wars Rouge Squadron 10 Mega Man X
  11. P

    Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

    Alright kids, SURVEY TIME!!! But first, a little backstory: Mommy's a fairly accomplished seamstress with her own costume/cosplay store online that's done some pretty decent business. Now, she's made me the odd bit of AB clothing over the past few years, and has gotten quite good at it, to the...
  12. NomadSage

    Salvete, Hello, Hola

    Hello, everyone. I'm an American living in Spain. I just graduated from uni, and I did my last year of uni in Andalusia (the south of Spain). Now I live in Madrid and work as a teacher. I spend most of my free time writing and reading—I'm a bit of an introvert in a party-hard extroverted...
  13. Sarevok

    Hello everyone! (My late introduction.)

    Hello, I am Sarevok. When I first joined this forum, I only wanted to have more access than a non-registered user had. Back then I was still very new to online communities that focused on ABDL, etc, and I wasn't comfortable participating. But last year I decided that I was ready to give it a...
  14. SilverSurfer

    Game suggesstions (Genre related)

    I love to play games like Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, WWE, Mario, and I want to try Legend of Zelda. Any suggestions for PS3 or PSP?
  15. Wheatley

    Anyone into Realm of the Mad God?

    Man, that game is so addictive.
  16. Zazi

    Hello adisc!!!

    Well I am a pretty average guy for the most part. I am a student at a local community college (hopefully I will be able to transfer to a University) and on the side (or maybe even in the forefront) I am in a band and hope to be able to turn that into a career. I am very outgoing and love to...
  17. A

    Video games that would make great movies?

    Okay, not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if so. Basically I have never seen a movie that has been made from a Video Game franchise, so generally I can't say if they tend to work or not. However I can't help thinking how great the Mass Effect series would be in movies, if done...
  18. Embrace

    Anyone like Nuketown?

    It's double xp weekend for all of you playing black ops and there's also that Nuketown 24/7 playlist. I love Nuketown but can't stand headquarters or sabotage but I still end up getting a lot of kills. Any thoughts from all you CoD fanboys?
  19. Toddy

    bashing up nords in Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim, Killing big aliens in gears of war 3, Playing Brink together online. These are few of my faovrite things

    Well considering I havent posted anything since 30-01-2011 its long over due I havent been inactive just havent posted anything. So I thought id post something about games! Cause whats better then video games? (diapers money ice cream wow actually a lot of stuff) So lets just jump right into...
  20. G

    Diapers and video games

    Alright so I am a teen diaper lover age 13 and I like to play gmod acount name is jaburwaki or hbrown7 (dads name) I also like to play xbox: halo, red faction, battlefield, crackdown. If you want to know my tag then reply but if you are a hater and tell every one on my friends list I could not...