video game

  1. August08

    Art + Fanart

    I just wanted my own thread to put my art in as I make it, but feel free to post yours here too :) this is apollo justice from the ace attorney series with klavier as his dada :) I might make one of him with Phoenix tho idk, he has his hair down because babies don’t use hair gel
  2. KimiWL

    Anime, Video Game and Sports fan from Germany

    Hello everyone, first sorry, if my English isn't that good. I am Kimi and I live in Germany. My desire for diapers began when I was a little kid (little bit later after my regular diaper time). After a long time of several inner crises I started to research about it in last spring and found...
  3. yoshiDL

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought I would go ahead and create a Nintendo Switch thread for anyone who is interested in the Switch. The reveal event is tonight so we will finally get to see the switch in action and find out pricing and what games are coming to it. Personally I am really looking forward to a new mario...
  4. Angellothefox

    Embaressing things we do in video games (ABDL version)

    Watching 10 embarrassing things we all did in famous video games got me thinking why not do something simler but minus the dirty jokes and adding in the abdl content. So I will now write randomly.:) Rugrats search for Raptar. Now this is a good game for anyone who wants to know what it is like...
  5. R

    Favorite Pokemon!

    This has probably been done like a bajillion times before here, or at least something similar has. But I'll give it a shot here. :) I was feeling a little inspired by a meme I once partook of on DeviantART a while back, and thought I'd try something a little similar here for fun. It's a meme...
  6. X

    Diaper in game

    Into Slave maker 3, you can train slaves and I created a add-on to Diaper Train Misty ! You can download Slave Maker 3 here : Slave Maker Development: Slave Maker 3.3.04c Bug Fix Release And the Add-on : If you have...
  7. winters

    Windows 7 Themes

    yha well i've been trying to find a place to post my first win 7 themes and this seems like a good place cuz u guys are usually nice. feel free to save these files on ur com and use them as ur own
  8. S

    RROD Red Ring Of Death questions/need opinions?

    Ok so xbox 360 got the one red ring of death today now with a E 74 error code , basicly from the research I have done its probably the video scaler chip or the GPU. So to get it fixed I have to pay a hundred dollars send it to [email protected] and wait a month or so OR I can take my chances on this...
  9. betagame

    More of the Halo trilogy???|talk of the movie/new games/even Books???

    I know Halo Wars is coming out. The movie in 2009. isnt that it. Or are there gonna be Prequel(s). Halo Chronicles??? please post your comments and links HERE.