1. Milko

    Will these become Valuable?

    I was wondering, for the last nearly a year now I buy all my movies and such on VHS, and going to various charity-style shops I've found several sealed recordable VHS tapes, as well as some other tapes. And I was wondering, do you guys think these will become valuable in the future? Because for...
  2. Milko

    Backup and Archiving Formats?

    I know Pamperchu started a thread like this a few years ago but I wanted to post a similar one so new users like me (or people who didn't catch his old thread back in 2012) could provide their input. For me, I have 2 80GB drives in my mac which are backed up by using Carbon Copy Cloner...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Any VHS fans here?

    Aw yes! The VHS! The very nostalgic piece of memory for the masses across the world. VHS is still sold in stores in the form of blank tapes, and it is still a major method of recording footage from the television. How many of you guys other than me still hold on to your VHS collection or...