1. Poofybutt

    Regular People Responding Positively to AB

    So, I had an interesting experience today. I attended a meet-up being held by other students and local artists and we got to talking about projects we'd like to make. Well, one woman chimed in with, "does anybody know about Adult Babies?". Being as I am one, I didn't speak up, but I squirmed...
  2. LimeBloodedNoir

    To make diapers pure (warning! Mentions some gross stuff!)

    To Make Diapers Pure Here is my little story. I am online, wanting to look up some pure wholesome ABDL videos! A healthy relationship! lets just say- thats not what I got. Instead, I ran into many nsfw posts and videos. I dont mind that others do that! Like- they do what they like, and good on...
  3. V

    My BF just came out to me as an AB/DL

    Sooo I'm pretty new to all of this. My BF just came out and told me that he's into AB/DL. I'm kind of conflicted on the topic though. First off I am incredibly happy that he trusted me enough to tell me, but I really just don't know enough to know how to proceed. I've gotten diapered for him...
  4. kerry

    Helping a vanilla hubby become a Daddy

    So, my life has taken a few interesting turns lately. (If you have not followed this little saga, see my latest blog post at And the bottom line is that, for the first time in my life, I have told another person...
  5. tiny

    What's so normal about vanilla?

    I've noticed on several forums that people tend to refer to "normal" (non-fetish) sex as "vanilla"... But... vanilla is the second-most-expensive spice in the whole world!!! And it's exotically aromatic flavour is wonderful! How did people come to have such a low opinion of it?! Is that...
  6. RoamingHermit

    A Recipe To Help You Sleep

    Some nights I have trouble sleeping. When this does happen I have a recipe that I find almost always works! NukJams Warm Vanilla Nights In a bottle/sippy cup/glass of choice, put 1 cup of milk. After put in two caps of vanilla extract. Next you put in 2 teaspoons of sugar/sweetener (optional)...