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    A Terrible Visit To The Doctor

    A while ago I mentioned that I was having some incontinence issues and that I would be asking my doctor about them. It took her a while but eventually she got around to referring me to a urologist. I had my first visit with him yesterday. It was dreadful. The visit itself was unremarkable. I...
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    Urodynamic testing

    hi all once again. advance apology for yet another wall of text. In my last post I went over the results of my cystoscopy and the current state of my treatment however as mentioned last post my urologist is going to conduct some urodynamic testing in the near future. (several months) My...
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    I am going to see a urologist soon regarding my bedwetting and more recently some leaking during the day. Could anyone tell me what to expect at the meeting and what sort of things they may want to know. Also what sorts of tests may be needed and what do they entail?