1. Slomo

    Urinary Sphincterotomy

    Well for some reason my last thread here was closed. https://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/106702-Urinary-Sphincterotomy?highlight=sphincterotomy So I'm making this thread as a continuation to it. It's been a while since I've made an update (not my fault really, my thread was closed on me...
  2. S

    Severe urinary pain

    Hi all its me again I regularly experience a situation however its happened both last night and tonight and has been absolutely unbearable. the way it generally goes perhaps once or twice a month is as follows ill go to the bathroom to urinate and instead of it being a brief ten second affair it...
  3. D

    Urinary infection from bedwetting? (in diapers)

    Hi. I was wondering could I have some sort of infection or irritation in my pernis (lol). I wear diapers to bed due to bedwetting caused by back injury. I have started to randomly feel a slight sense of "burning", which is still kind of an overstatement. Could something like this be caused by...
  4. C

    group homes, diapers and epilepsy.

    How to know when you should go into a group home because of epilepsy and pooping and peeing a diaper because of seizures anytime of the day and what group homes in Northern California? Plus permanently no control over bladder and bouls because of me being UN-compliant with meds? should I go to a...