urinary incontinence

  1. August08

    Wetting because of laughter

    The only times I lose control of my bladder are when I laugh hard enough. It’s quite embarrassing when I’m not alone, though it hasn’t happened in a while. Anyone else share this particular experience? I don’t know if this by itself is considered stress incontinence, it’s the only time I wet...
  2. S

    Can Bowel Incontinence eventually lead to Urinary Incontinence?

    Can having ibs-d with bowel incontinence lead to urinary incontinence issues later on?? I heard somewhere that it can.
  3. S

    Urge to have Bowel Movement causing Urine Leakage

    Hi all this is my first post so bear with me. Whenever I have the urge to have a bowel movement including when I have bowel incontinence I leak urine uncontrollably before and during an accident. This used to not happen before and now it's happening. Is this normal?? Does this mean I'm...