1. J


    I am 46 years old and was a DL, only wearing time not using/wetting much. In May, on my last day of work, I suddenly got a continuous flow while being in the train 3 hours from home. I asked my wife to pick me up and bring me urgently to the supermarket to be diapers. Since then I am diagnosed...
  2. ZombieHugs

    Concern for the future

    I know it's a long way off, but in the fall I'm moving far away to college. Obviously I have no intention of bringing any aspect of my fetish with me for a plethora of reasons. The thing is I have always been able to revert to diapers nearly at will, and when school comes I feel I might be...
  3. Jewbacca

    Anyone else get these strange urges

    Dear Adisc.org, I sometimes find myself with these strange urges to tackle cars. I imagine myself charging full speed at a top heavy car and flipping it over. Or charging straight into it a causing a moose sized dent. Does anyone else get similar or even stranger urges? Sincerely, The...