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    Good to see so many people here

    Hi, I am Adam and I’ve just joined. I am UK guy of 30. I have had bedwetting problems for a lot of my life. I wet regularly until my mid teens and then after a dry period it came back a few years ago. I am now back to pretty much every night. Not had a great deal of luck with medical...
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    Does Frequent Urination Lead to Urgency?

    Hi guys! Quick question. Does purposely urinating frequently lead to a shrunken bladder? This approach would be to use the toilet not padded. It seems like this may actually be the best way to experience it. It doesnt sound harmful at all.
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    Variable Urinary Incontinence

    I have urge urinary incontinence that is so variable in it's character that I've never heard anyone desecribe anything quite like it, so I thought I'd post the stranger details here and get some feed back to see if this is unique or more common than I think. First off, I can go for long periods...